Apption wins Professional Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs Networking Organization award for innovative business processes.

OTTAWAApption Software Corporation, an innovative provider of Converged Application Development and New Product Introduction services, announced today that it has been selected to receive the Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs Networking Organization award for Innovative Bootstrap ideas. is an Organization for Professional Entrepreneurs, created in 1999. The initial impetus for the creation of came about from the realization that entrepreneurs need a support group that can provide both needed resources and a representative body for public commentary on issues related to entrepreneurship.

“We are pleased to accept the bootstrap award based upon our seven point plan for raising bootstrap capital,” said Sam Zaid, COO of Apption Software. “We are proud that Apption has been completely funded using bootstrap capital.”

About Exploriem.Org is an Organization for Professional Entrepreneurs. The Organization appeals not only to entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs but also intrapreneurs and high achievers interested in participating in helping to shape the technological, economic and sociological future. was initially conceived in 1999 by Dr. Bruce M. Firestone, Founder of the Ottawa Senators, Adjunct Research Professor at Carleton University in the Faculty of Engineering and Design (School of Architecture) and the Eric Sprott School of Business.

About Apption

Apption Software is a privately held corporation that specializes in developing applications involving data, voice, or video that converge web, mobile, and location technologies. Apption offers services in Converged Application Development and New Product Introduction.

Apption has a successful history of working with customers from initial concept through the full development lifecycle to deliver leading-edge, software technology products and complex business solutions. The company has garnered numerous industry awards, including the above-mentioned Branham300 National Top 25 Up-and-Comers award for 2006.

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