Our Customers

Below is just a small sampling of what our customers say about Apption.

Government Corporation

“Apption has, for the first time, enabled us to solve business problems that have eluded us for many years.”

Online Billing Client

“Adigence helped optimize our Adwords campaigns so we could reduce our spending and get the same results. The insights and recommendations were clear and actionable – with immediate impact.”

Government Agency

“Apption has provided us with an insightful and logical technology roadmap we can trust.”

Canadian Human Rights Commission

“Our expectations were high…and Apption exceeded our expectations.”

Enterprise Client

“Apption’s intelligent solution enabled our manual processes to be learned and automated – helping streamline our company’s business operations.”


  • Working with Spartan Bioscience, Apption used its deep domain knowledge in Intelligent Systems to build an operational system including image processing algorithms that detect the level of fluorescence emitted from biological samples. More...