Enhanced Campaigns Adds some Sizzle to Ad Targeting and Conversion Tracking In this blog series on Enhanced Campaigns we’ve so far discussed what effect this upgrade will have on your AdWords campaigns and how it helps you with budget management through bid adjustments by location, device and time of day.

Beyond the above, Enhanced Campaigns will also help you engage PPC visitors by displaying ads by context and by being able to track these engaged visitors by new conversion types. Here’s how Google AdWords Help describes these two new features of Enhanced Campaigns:

Smarter ads optimized for varying user contexts: Ability to show the right creative, sitelink, app or extension based on the context of your prospective customers and the devices they’re using.”

Advanced reports to measure new conversion types: Ability to track new conversion types, such as calls, digital downloads, and conversions across devices.”

What does the above mean in practical terms? Read on…

Display Ads Based on Context
As a campaign manager, you are able to develop ads specifically for display on mobile devices within an Enhanced Campaign. This means you can try to target mobile visitors with relevant content or call to actions that are more relevant to a mobile visitor “on-the-go.” For example, you can now include your business phone number or offer to download an app that will display only on mobile devices.

Let’s take this context a little further – there is also flexibility around the idea of having ad extensions. To recap, ad extensions give potential customers more reasons to click your ad by including additional business information upfront such as your address and phone number, more website page links, or a special offer.

In the above example, you could specify for mobile ads that the phone number only appears during your open business hours while after hours ad content will direct visitors to your website.

In your Enhanced Campaign, mobile preferred creative will be a type of ad selection in AdWords.

Track Conversion Types
Not only will you be able to differentiate mobile preferred creative, but you can integrate phone calls from click-to-call and app downloads in AdWords reports. It will be easier to see the full value of campaigns across actions and from new platforms.

In your Enhanced Campaign, phone calls and app downloads will be additional columns as a conversion in reporting.

Ready to Upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns
Are you ready to upgrade?  If yes, follow this link to Google: http://adwords.blogspot.ca/2013/04/upgrade-to-enhanced-campaigns-more.html.

For more resources on upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns, here is more recommended reading:

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Not Yet Ready to Upgrade?
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