How a Single Digit like a Quality Score Can Negatively Impact Your AdWordsYou might find it surprising how much impact this single digit score can have on your Google AdWords performance.


Quality scores determine how often your ads are shown, what ad position they are shown in and how much your business pays per click. It’s a topic I’ve been discussing more frequently during recent customer meetings.

Here’s how Google’s quality score works. Each keyword in a PPC campaign is assigned a quality score. The quality score is Google’s assessment of how relevant an ad and it’s corresponding landing page are to the searcher. Their intent is to ensure that Google users have a positive experience, and that the most relevant ads, with the right bids, get placed in the best ranked positions.

Therefore, improving your AdWords quality scores by even a single point can bring down the cost per click (CPC) by over 10 percent. Equally important, improved quality scores will increase the number of impressions and visitors to your landing pages, e-commerce site or corporate website.

So it’s well worth getting much more familiar with your quality scores and improving them – one digit at a time.

If you find it challenging to navigate through your AdWords campaign ads to decipher the ins and outs of this, I highly recommend trying Adigence, our AdWords optimization solution. With an easy to navigate interface and predictive analytics, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what you need to do to improve your quality scores in short order. The ROI improvement resulting from taking these actions can be very impressive.

By the way, welcome to our new blog! Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing more of our expertise and experience starting with quality scores and then expanding to cover topics related to AdWords, Paid Search {SEM} and Digital Marketing. To submit topic ideas, we invite you to email us at or to leave us a comment using the below comment box.

Are you curious as to how much Quality Scores can impact your PPC campaign ROI performance? Stay tuned for my blog next week…you may be surprised.

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  • Glenn Schmelzle

    Nice post, Mark. I especially like how you’ve quantified Quality Score impact in increments of 10 percent. Those who improve their web campaigns & receive the 10% score-lift could choose to either continue getting the same number of leads (& pocket the 10% savings) or plow the 10% back into their campaign, theoretically yielding 10% more leads for the same budget spend. Those are nice options to have, just by doing some research & improvement in keyword quality!

  • Emad Abdel Bary

    Thank Glenn for the comment. Perception-wise, 10% seems like a small number, but it can definitely make a difference over time…just think, 10% per month improvement for the next 4 months…like gold! Great to speak to you today too.

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