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  • Five Ways Retailers Can Profit from Customer Intelligence

    Five Ways Retailers Can Profit
    Customer intelligence is about creating deeper relationships with your customers. Customer information is rarely well organized, let alone accessible, or in a format that retail marketers can leverage. In fact, the retail industry has some unique challenges because customer transactions are often anonymous. To find out how you can improve your retail business with predictive analytics, download our new whitepaper, “Five Ways Retailers Can Profit from Customer Intelligence.”

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  • Four Easy Steps to Quality Score Health

    Four Easy Steps to Quality Score Health<
    Low quality scores can significantly impact AdWords campaign performance. How? Quality scores determine how often the ads are shown, what ad position they are shown in and how much you pay per click. To find out how to radically improve your quality scores, download our new whitepaper, “Four Easy Steps to Quality Score Health.”

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Case Studies

  • Debt Collection Solution for Rapid Service Delivery

    Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada (AAFC) provides financial assistance to Canadian agricultural producers. One of the many responsibilities they mandate to their Accounts Receivable and Revenues Management (ARRM) division is to manage and collect on money owed to the crown by thousands of producers and corporations who have defaulted on loans guaranteed by AAFC. A key consideration of the AARM division is to maximize recoveries while strictly adhering to all laws and government policies designed to protect the public and the interests of tax payers.
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  • Realizing SOA in a Government Environment – Case & Audit Management Legacy System Modernization

    Working with CHRC, Apption architected and implemented a service-oriented solution that made optimal use of existing applications by integrating those that still provided value, and only adding or replacing functionality where required. The end result was a modern, easy-to-use enterprise collaborative mashup. Service orientation allowed the re-use of applications that still fit, plus a modular and incremental architecture for adding new applications, open interfaces and simplified workflow.
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  • Statistics Canada: Application Modernization through Service-Orientation

    Apption, working with Statistics Canada, architected a survey master control system, based upon Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). It integrated and adapted legacy applications as services within an SOA, and automated manual processes as SOA workflows. The streamlined architecture separated shared infrastructure from program specific data and workflows.
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  • Sumalytics Inc

    Sumalytics, a developer of advanced hospital performance management systems, required a partner to commercialize a recently patented analytical technology.
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  • March Entertainment

    March Entertainment’s challenge was to define an architecture for the world’s first voice-driven web portal targeting mobile users.
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