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Data Engineering

Rich data set silos exist in every organization. However, they are often disconnected and non-uniform and bringing them together for strategic decision-making can feel insurmountable. Apption’s data governance and management services can quickly advance the state of your organization knowledge and processes and the value of its data assets through our pool of business experts, data scientists and data engineers.

Data Governance

Ensure your data assets are managed for value creation with organizational processes and responsibilities. Apption can help you understand your data and develop a Data Governance discipline throughout your organization. We work with you to define and implement methodologies to manage your data assets, and ensure trusted data is leveraged in every decision-making process.

Data Management

Enrich your organization by turning data into insight. Apption’s data management expertise in big data, data profiling, data integration, data cleansing, data mining and data science transforms disparate islands of data into high-quality information that enables advanced analytics and insightful decision-making at all levels.

Data Science & Analytics

Apption helps Fortune 500 companies, governments, early-stage organizations and channel partners leverage data for better decision-making. Analyzing large data sets allows us to build robust predictive models, which you can embed in your operations for greater organizational effectiveness.

Customer Intelligence Analytics

Optimize the value of your customer data. Apption’s customer intelligence analytics solutions use real insight to take your business to the next level, boost organizational effectiveness and increase revenue. Through data mining and predictive analytics, we give you a deep understanding of your best customers and their purchasing habits so you can predict and influence future behavior.

Security Analytics

Leverage your data to prevent persistent threats, fraud and insider attacks. Apption is able to mine massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to find correlations and anomalies in your data in real-time. This means we can detect ongoing malicious threats, identify security infractions and discover security vulnerabilities in your data.

Data Visualization

Without a central, graphical interface to access and report on data insights, it’s challenging for your organization to extract data to improve business operations and measure results. Apption can customize a visualization management console to meet your specific organizational objectives.

Graphical Interface

Manage your reports through a friendly user interface. Digging through your data has never been this easy. Your data is visualized through user-friendly graphical interfaces to make your critical information pop.

Customized Reporting

Get access to data-driven insights in the form you need them. Through our expertise in software development, we can deliver your data insights in the best form to enhance your business opportunities and deliver new product or solution value.

Creating Data Assets

Channel partners, private enterprise and governments count on us to create opportunities from data and analytics challenges. We help organizations provide better service and run more effectively and profitably.

Enterprise Software Builds

We can add intelligence and modernize to your existing enterprise systems quickly and efficiently. Our deep experience in software product development combined with our data science expertise allows us to transform and optimize your business operations. We can also develop new big data product extensions that allow you to monetize your data assets with new capabilities.

Operational Analytics

Apption can unlock value from the structured and unstructured data that drives your business, discovering patterns and predicting outcomes. Further, we believe the best “bang for the buck is putting the predictive value of analytics into front line decision and operational systems. Our background in building such systems makes us an ideal partner to create true operational analytics capabilities for your firm.