Case Study - Protected B Data Portal

March 10, 2022
Written by Marketing Team

Protected B Data Collaboration Portal for Research Scientists

Case Study Overview

A major Government organization engaged Apption to architect and implement a data analytics collaboration solution in the Azure cloud. The client needed a common platform for teams of data scientists to input, share, access, and collaborate on data analytics and machine learning projects.

Design Challenges

The client required that the design meet strict security and privacy certification standards and that it minimizes cloud storage and compute costs. Specifically, the client had strict policies for the handling and cataloguing of Protected B and sensitive data. Apption was selected for this project thanks to our extensive experience developing data solutions in Azure and our clearance to work with secure data. Apption was able to provide an end-to-end solution that covered key technology recommendations through to system development, implementation, training, and support.

Cloud Architecture

  • Apption’s data lake architecture leverages open-source technology and ingests raw data in a variety of formats.
  • Terraform code is automatically generated to spin up and down resources and Databricks workspaces.
  • Analytics are performed on vast amounts of unstructured and structured data and reporting is supported in PowerBI and Tableau.

Data Privacy & Security

  • Apption’s Datahunter engine automates sensitive data screening and approval workflows.
  • Comprehensive auditing is built-in for Protected B in progress data.
  • Integrated user identity management is designed with external API access for vetted third party tools.

Costing Model

  • Tracing model breaks down cloud costs for each data project.
  • Modular design provides low-cost scalability and is estimated to save thousands per month in cloud costs.
  • Publicly shared data costs can be directly tracked – an essential requirement for government departments.



The Protected B Data Collaboration Portal has been successfully implemented as an open-source data lake architecture, custom portal, and is the common platform used by multi-disciplinary teams of research scientists and economists to inform government policy decisions in areas such as sustainability, climate change, and environmental protection. Apption continues to upgrade and customize the system to meet evolving client needs.

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