When collecting information is easy, making the right decision is simple too.
As experts in leveraging cloud technologies especially for remote work processes, Apption has created a Cloud Collaboration Portal to enable collaborative contractor bid management. This platform is versatile and secure and can be applied in any situation requiring multi-stakeholder input, evaluation, record keeping and compliance. It reduces decision cycle times, negotiation effectiveness and record management.
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We help you grow easier

Benefit from a Response Management Platform that revolves around you, with features that help you accomplish more with less effort
Create Lasting Value
Developed on a foundation that's simple to expand organization-wide
Reduce your workload
Automate manual steps so you can focus on strategic tasks
Improve RFx outcomes
Leverage tools that make decision-making and winning easier
Response Management
A response management platform like Cloud Collaboration Portal
Apption’s Collaboration tool can help your business become more operationally efficient, streamline, and automate manual processes to handle. Teams experience higher levels of productivity and results by centralizing content and facilitating collaboration among decision-makers.
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Is cloud-based, so you do not have to navigate a maze of documents and folders—and find ways to store your content
Uses patented import technology and exports back into templates and originals files to start and finish each project smoothly
Has an AI-powered content recommendation engine that makes tagging intelligence & finding your best responders easier
Offers bi-directional integrations with your team’s favorite technologies, so everyone and everything is connected
Brings clear and instant visibility with reports and dashboards that help you track project status and progress and discover insights to make data-driven decisions
Helps you respond to ANY type of query faster

Apption's Cloud Collaboration Portal

A cloud-based collaboration software platform that is designed to empower enterprises to win more business by streamlining processes, improving productivity, and creating a flexible workflow.
Response Submission
When collecting information is easy, making the right decision is simple too.
Automated input process based on PDF forms to enter submissions in the portal, empowers you to collect information more efficiently than ever.
Apption’s Collaborative Bid Evaluation System is a proven government web-based collaborative system that supports a rapid response procurement evaluation process.
Workflow and collaboration
Take your RFx collaboration to the next level
Modern RFPs, RFIs, RFx, and other information requests are more dynamic and complex than ever, requiring everyone involved to be highly organized and connected.
Valuable team-building functions are the fabric of our cloud-based platform, making it easy to manage tasks, meet deadlines, collaborate with anyone, and communicate from anywhere, supports traditional or agile procurement processes.
Audit of submissions
Richer, Accelerate & Automate Audits
Many companies still perform audits using a pen and paper, spreadsheets, or aging software that lacks the speed and depth to provide a competitive edge.
When you make the switch to Apption’s Cloud Collaboration Portal, you will have the ability to gather deep insights drawn directly from reports—data that is guaranteed to be more accurate, up-to-date, and thorough than before.
Dashboard and Reporting
When everything’s right in front of you, you'll never lose a track
Improve efficiency in the evaluation and selection process with structured, system-driven insights. Apption’s Bid Portal helps collaborate on the selection process and scores supplier responses based on rules defined for response templates.
RFx data is always at your fingertips, ability to compare and evaluate projects in detail. When you select an RFx, your current project status, tasks, notifications, respondent activity, messages, scoring progress, and more is displayed in easy-to-read panels.
Tagging Intelligence
Discover how Apption’s Cloud Collaboration Portal helps your organization work more intelligently
Apption’s Cloud Collaboration Portal helps you shorten the process through agile workflow and respond more efficiently and effectively to information requests. Transformational improvements require a combination of automation, intelligence, and experience.
Our proprietary combination of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and respond to process evaluation logic that learns and understands the content you manage in our Cloud Collaboration Portal.

Knowledge at every turn

If you want to improve how you collaborate, coordinate tasks, engage subject matter experts (SMEs), and distribute knowledge, we have a unifying solution.
Create Lasting Value
A better process begins with knowledge management
Reduce your workload
Centralize and manage all of your knowledge
Improve RFx outcomes
Create and collaborate more efficiently than ever
Knowledge Management
A better decision process begins with knowledge management, set your team up for long-term success
With a structure, you can understand briefly, regardless of industry, department, process, or purpose. Knowledge management is essentially a question-and-answer business where knowledge is everything. That is the reason we have built the most instinctive, efficient, and complete knowledge management capabilities around and made it the center point of our platform.
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Ease of use for fast adoption and comfort
Customization that allows employees to access information On-Demand
Cross-Platform accessibility that ensures all members can get the information they need when they need it
Collaborative functionality that allows for peer-to-peer interactions
Opportunities for recognizing the top contributors and Influencers
Deliver best practices across your team and organization